How to make friends in Germany

We have been talking about loneliness when you are abroad, let's now talk about how to make friends (locals and other expats) when you're living in Germany :top:

Which are your best tips to meet people and to make friends in Germany??

Thanks in advance for your participation

I'm Scottish - lived in Germany for 40 years, I'm now a GERMAN pensioner, but live in France!
Friends? Unless Germany has changed, it's simple. Speak the language (even if possible with the local accent) - be yourself but don't crow that things are better in your own country - just integrate!
For over 30 years, both I and my wife never even saw a British newspaper, heard a British radio or voice, and we had/have hundreds of German friends!
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My boyfriend is German and I came here for him, so I've made friends with his friends (which is easy).

Otherwise, my friends have been ex-pats or just people at work.

I'm still new here but I can tell it depends on your willingness to adapt to a new culture and be open to meeting other people.

dear friends
my name is mohamed I LIVE in sowth algeria
I hope to make friend and share good imotion with
I searsh for humanity love , I hop find him some where

I also think that with people from work it should be easier to make friends. MAybe you can answer my question as well. Since I'm considering going to Berlin I was wondering if someone could explain me the german pension plan system and its differences compared to the US system. Thank you very much in advance.

I believe the best way to make friends is by visiting the social Networks especially are locally made for the people in that country

yes you can make friends with facebook and other social network, but the most are looking there for friends from theyr own Country, and that dont help to solve the lonylyness here far from home.
I think the best way is to talk with some one, with nighbors, and people from your work, and specially accept them as what they are, so how they to accept you. Think ever its a different Coulture

hugs Mapah

My first friends here in Germany are my classmates in VHS. Attending the German courses can help you find new friends and at the same time, improve your language.

Very good answer ! It's simple as that !

Cheers Mimi

making good friends is medicine of life


By telling about myself,my country and about cultural of my country. And learning their cultural and about the people of Germany, and of course about their country.

As a German I would say it is very easy to find friends when you participate at some Groups for example in a sports Club (Sportverein) near you or at church or you try to do some courses at VHS (like German or also different courses as sports, cooking,...).
You could also try to find friends at the University (if there is one in your town), because I feel like students are the most interested and open to foreign People. You could offer something like a Tandem-Language-lessen if you want to improve your German. Maybe you will find a good friend there? Just don't be shy and try :-)

how can i make friend  in germany????


:| how?


I lived in Germany five long years in late 90s, i was studying in Berlin. My experince about German people, generally nice but they keep distance. Its different then Asian or South Europeans. The best places in Germany to make friends are your own working place or University if you are student , Cultural exchange centers or Gym, language centres, your neighboring pubs / Kniepe, but as it is true for any other country, the efforts must be required from your won side, You have to participate otherwise this cold country will make you sick....

Good Luck :cheers:

There is some truth in this joke about three Germans who meet on a deserted island and the first thing they do is to found a “Verein”. Almost every German is a member in at least one “Verein” and there is a “Verein” for almost every interest. And, regarding sports clubs, you don't have to be a record breaker to join for example a “Schwimmverein”, the most important thing is that you like swimming.
So this is one way of meeting German people.
The other way is social networks. The most popular one of course is Facebook. I guess most of you are already there. Search for local groups and join whatever you like.
However, if you want to make sure that the new friend lives close to you so that also spontaneous meetings are possible, join one of the neighbourhood networks like or

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