Hi !

Me and my husband are moving to Heilbronn. Just wanted to know about the life there, cost of living, finding a good apartment, etc.
Any one from heilbronn?

Hello Alice, I invite you to take a look at the different discussions of the forum. It may help.;)


Hi, Me and my husband are moving to heilbornn in January, need to know about the aprtments, kindergarden,car rent cost of living etc.. anyone who can help me with this???/

Hi Umaprem, I have sent you a message.

Hi there,
Im planning to move to Heilbronn and im wonder about life, businesses, house/apartment to rent.
I seen u have been interested in this subject in 2011, just wonder how u getting on and how you like it.
Would hugely appreciate your reply.
Thank you

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Hi ..
V r in Dubai right now and would be moving to  Heilbronn early next year... I would like to know about the schools there. We have a daughter who is in grade 3 now..

Hi ajithanaveen,

Please note that this topic is quite old, I suggest to post a new topic on the Germany forum. This might be helpful. ;)



Thanks David...:)