Looking for german friends.

Hallo,we are a couple from Sweden.We live in Karlskrona,in the south of the country. We like nature and old towns etc,thatŽs why we like Germany very much. And if our dream come true weŽll move there, but we would like to know more about places there, and maybe find friends, that always make things easyer. Then we may go and wisit, and try to find the town/village that suits us. It would be nice to get to know people who share our interests,also for visit each other.
Write us and tell how/where y live,info about places y think we should visit etc etc,we will surely answer.
Ciao, Christine and Roberto :):)

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Isnt there anybody who would like to talk?

Have you tried to contact members from the germany expat network?

I've just noticed that there are a few swedish people in the germany network :)

Maybe you could add them to your contacts and send them a message?

Hope this helps,


Thanks Julien. I go there instead and try, havnŽt realy got the concept right, I think.
Have a wounderful day, hugs Christine

i will tell you later.

Hi Christine,
sorry that nobody replied.
I didn't reply, since I am currently in Hungary.

I post some stuff about Germany on my blog from time to time. If you care to take a peek, let me know.
You can ask me questions about some places in Rheinland-Pfalz if you want, maybe I can help ( a beautiful region!!) :)

Either reply here, by message or my blog :)

Cheers, Nicole

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