Any filipina living in köln

been visiting köln time to time..but i hardly see any asia any filipina out me :)

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You should take a look at this page > Filipinos expatriate in Germany network.

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oh thanks harmonie

Hi swisspinay30! i have a friend living there near kölln. he is livng in Nuess and new here in germany, he just arrived last july so if you dont have a problem having a Gay friend you can message me and ill let you two meet and know each other :)

oh that would be cool..i like gay they are funny and cool to be with. prehaps u can give me his email u also know any filipina living in köln? i was there i dont see any asia at all i guess i am the only one there..hehehe

no, actually i dont have that much filipina friend yet here in germany since i just arrived here couple of months ago. i only knew this gay friend of mine since we are classmates on our langguage course in makati. ill be meeting up with him this saturday, i can ask him for his email adrress or you can also leave yours here so i can give it to him :)

aha yeah sure swisspinay30
ask him first perhaps he thinks kinda weird..heheh thanks

Me :)

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sana maka kita man lang pinay friends



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