Anyone in Böblingen/ Herrenberg area - possible meetups?

Hi everyone,

Does anyone here live in the Herrenberg / Böblingen area?  My boyfriend and I have lived in Herrenberg since December and would like to know if there are any other expats in our area....most of the meetups in Stuttgart are for evenings and, what with early rises for work and school (I'm learning German) it's a bit of a hassle getting home late.

If you'd like to meet up with other people in a similar situation, let me know

Don't have a direct answer for you. But I have know a number of English speaking expats that worked at HP, Siemens or Bosch in the Sindelfingen/Böblingen area. Tübingen in not connected by the S-Bahn like cities between Herrenberg and  Stuttgart but is not that far away and there are always a lot of English speaking students there. There is also an Irish pub in Stuttgart center called Biddy Early's that is a meeting ground for all sorts of English speakers. Otherwise, I'm not sure.

Every second and fourth Tuesday of the month, the "English Corner" meets between 7pm to 9pm at the Hallenbad (Public Indoor Swimming Pool) in Herrenberg. No entrance fees, just turn up. The person that organises this meet-up is Mrs. Doris Kornau 0162 7192025.

Hope this helps. Not been there myself yet but will do so sometime when schedule allows. Have fun!