Hippie Gemeinden - Hippie Commune

Hallo zusammen!

I'm planning my summer holidays and I'm thinking about visit any hippie commune in Germany. I'm sure that there must be one good commune in Germany. Does anybody know something about it?

Is anybody else interested on it? :-)

Hi, my name is Fenris and I'm from Zaragoza.  I'm a photographer looking for alternative communities, such as hippie communes, nomads, permaculture groups... people getting rid of the cities, all that.  Doing a research on the Internet I found your post back in the date.  I hope you'll read this...

In your message you asked about hippies communes in Germany, but you didn't get any feedback at all.  I wonder if you found something useful to you at the end.  If you could let me know... that be so helpful for me.  You know some of those communities live quite isolated and it's hard to get in contact with them, so any information you could give will be wellcomed.

Here I am for anything you could need, waiting for your answer, thanks a lot, fellow citizen!

Kind regards, Fenrisolo.