New pinay in germany

Wanted to have pinoy friends here in germany...

Please do contact me...


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oh my god I'm sorry for not commenting on English I got confused. Won't happened again! I'm very sorry!

That's a bit unfair though, isn't it?  If there is no Filipino language option on this forum and they feel a bit more comfortable conversing in their native language, when thousands of miles away from home, alone, and a bit in need of something familiar and comforting as assurance that the other person is indeed a co-national, what is the big problem?  And i apologize in advance if even my question is something evil and offending to this great magnificent site.

hello ahne.... :D

Hi kabayan 😎

I have a lot of Pinoy friends  in Bonn and also in the North if you are interesseted please contact


Hello Ahne, 😃 i know how you feel. I was there in Stuttgart and havent met any filipino. And just saw Cherry's post 😃 that she is from Stu. How sre you both? @cherry, where are you in Stuttgart? I stayed Zuffenhausen ☺️☺️

I'm looking for pinay friends I'm living now here in schaumburg. Anyone interested???

I also wanted to have a friend in Germany, i might be there in August.If any body kabayan / filipino's living close in Magdeburg.. I want to have some friend.. As in friends👍. Kindly msg me or reply to my post. I am looking for straight friend. Kindly pm me pls. Thanks

Hello Everyone. I'm Balazs from Hungary. Im usually travelling within Europe, especially to Germany. I'm interested to find Filipinos living in Europe as I really love people from your country, your culture, your foods, also your language, etc. Please any of you are interested to know me just drop me a message, I would be so happy with that. Salamat po :)))

omg.. filipinos.. hahahah im living in a very boring village.. but not far from the town... and i came here last year december, till now havent met any filipinos.. i miss bisaya or tagalog.. anyways, i know most of you are from rheinland pfalz.. me too, landau in der pfalz.. i hope everyone of us can meet and then have a gathering or whatever.. something to make us smile a bit.. :)

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Reason : Please post in english only on this english speaking forum

Hello everyone I also live in Rheinland Pflaz and looking to make new friends, I am not Filipino but it is closer to my home :) send me a private message if you're willing to meet up.
Cheers Fran.

Hi rmny345,
You can ofcourse send a private message to the other person using your native language if you'd love to.
But writing in English on the open forum is a must so that everyone can understand.

Greetings from Freibug :)

Hello, I'm new here Germany and currently staying in Stuttgart. Looking also for Filipino friends to hang out with. Messages me if interested. Thanks

Hi kabayanmoako,

For info, this thread has been inactive for quite some time. I'd request  you to create a new discussion so that members can easily get to you.


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