Hi Guys;
I got an offer for 1 year contract with family status of COMPANY ABC. I joined last November 2012 and unfortunately i just recently received a "MEMO TERMINATED due to STAFF reduction" under Article 75 of Saudi Labor Law effective Sept. 30, 2013. In summary i rendered only 10 months.

1. What would be my benefits?
2. I took my housing and furniture allowances for a year. Do they will take against me?
3. Do i have a chance or to ask for release/transfer to the Company XYZ?

Thank you guys.

Check with your HR

Hi,Sorry to know about your job. Regarding your query, you are entitled to receive full year salary with full paid allowances as per your contract including any incentives/bonus if written in your contract.
Regarding release from copany, pls review T&Cs of your contract and check with your HR.
On one note, you need to confirm notice period from 30th of Spetember if its not mentioned in your Memo.

Thank you Ehtesham for your advice as it add me confidence on my next step. As you said... i will be entitled to receive the full paid benefits but if should be written in my contract. As i double check my contract... never it is mentioned.. what is only mentioned is only for employer advancement. Anyway, i hope my company has its rules when it comes to that issue. About the release... i will try to work for it. Thank you very much.

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