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I want to change my profession to engineer.i want to know what are the attestions and stamps should my certificate have to do do.i have grd and hrd done but not thr saudi cultural stamping , can one can omit that because I want to do it asap...kindly suggest

Check out my reply here: … =2#1301308

I want to change my profession from electrican to engineer so so i want to known whole procedure for attestion of my degree guide mr

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Check out my reply here: … =2#1301308

Hi mohdnadeem,

Please follow the link posted by TheLegendLeads.

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Its working if you dont have attested degree not an just need to upload front page of degree and marks sheet , iqama copy, passport copy, passport size photo , letter from yourcompany on .kindly follow yje details on yhe website and collect the letter to be submitted in jawazat feom sce..alhumdulilah I have received the letter and have submitted in hr will get the iqama after change in profession in couple of days. .

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