fake certificate in Saudi Council of engineers

I have 3-years Diploma, working as supervisor, but on my Iqama it is Engineer profession.for iqama renewal i have to registred with Saudi Council of Engineers, But they told they need 4-years degree, SO i thought it is just for the iqama renewal purpose (Allah knows best, i never Miss used with engineers proffesion otherwise i would have worked as an engineer) & submitted a fake 4-years degree, SCE send for certificate verification, so they got to know its fake. PLease help me what can i do now????

The Ministry of Interior website states the following:

Submitting forgery documents or providing false statements to Saudi authorities in the Kingdom or abroad to obtain for himself or for another individual an Iqama or any kind of visas.

If the violator is an expatriate, he shall be fined 10,000 S.R. or imprisoned for 3 months or both, along with the termination of his Iqama and deportation from the Kingdom.

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