Hi. I just signed up here after living in France for nearly 16 years!
We are currently on the outskirts of Ales, Gard but are planning on moving to Montauban this summer.
Id like to know if anybody has any suggestions about schools there. My son will be going into CE2. Either public or private, with or w/out english (though that would be a plus).
Id like to live in the "old centre" but uncertain what that will mean for schooling.
Any other comments about living in Montauban are welcome.

Thanks so much!

And if anybody needs advice about our area, pls dont hesitate.


Hi Margo,

Welcome to! :)

Hi Margo - my wife an I have been living in Montauban for almost 5 years.

Have a look at the official town website Montauban com

There are some private schools and they are not too expensive.

Not quite sure what you mean by "with or w/out english (though that would be a plus" There are no international schools in Montauban, but English is taught in primary schools. Some collèges have an international section, where some subjects are taught in English or Spanish, but this is only from 5ième.

Have a look also at this site too

Hope this helps


Thanks Ian. I will look imto these. I just meant english wasnt necessary but Id be pleasantly surprised if english was being taught (well). His present school does have about an hour a week, but there are often errors in the instruction.

Im very excited about Montauban and all that it has to offer.

Hi - it seems its only me with info on Montauban.

The largest private school is the Institut Familial, but there are smaller ones with a more Catholic bent, but not over the top.

There aren't too many expats in the town itself but some around about.

I know English-speaking estate agents and/or notaires if necessary
If you want to keep in touch you can send an email directly to milligan555ataoldotcom

Good luck with your move.