Any expats at INSA or Universite Paul Sabatier (Toulouse III)?

Hi, my name is Peter and I am a Canadian that has just moved to Toulouse to finish his Master's.

I am currently living on the UPS campus and would love to meet some fellow expats to hang out in the city, watch a football match, organize expat get-togethers make fun of the city in a language the locals cannot understand etc...

Even better if you live near the campus, msg me!

A prochain,


Welcome on Peter ;)

I hope you will make lot of contacts via our web community. Wish you good luck in your studies ;)


Hi Peter, welcome to Toulouse! I'm a Canadian who's lived in Toulouse for a couple of years.  If you're interested in getting to know the city a bit, go for drinks, whatever, drop me a line.  My BF and I live in the centre of the city.

Hey, thats sounds good,

What day are you available next week? I am ok for all except Thursday,