Toulouse agri campus AGRO FOOD CHAIN

I am Paulina, I have been admitted to master in Agro Food Chain in Toulouse Agro Campus. I will be there from September 2011, and I am planning to ariive to France for summer 2011. i am looking for any people that are admitted for the same programme.
or students who have already studied that.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon

Hello Paulina!

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:) I am glad I have found first person!
Any others? Speak!!!
take care for now

hey, Im also close to accepting an offer from this course, my email address is :)

Hi there, I'm Kyle from Malaysia. I've applied to this course as well, but I think they can't process me until they get all of my transcripts which will be out at the end of this month, the earliest. I really hope that I'm accepted, though.

Hi rigel126!

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Thank you! And just so you know, I've got the green light from Toulouse! Woohoo! :D

Applying for a hostel is a different matter though, since everything is in French. I'll have to go on a lunch date with Google Translate today. XDD

Congatats, rigel126. So you ae sure now you're coming to toulouse?
what did you study in your home country?

I did plant biotechnology, at a private university so written English is not a problem for me. My country is highly restrictive where genetic engineering research is concerned so I have very little practical experience in making strawberries that can fly, unfortunately. :D

So Paulina, you're a native in Toulouse? Are you living near the ENFA campus? I'm still looking for a room to rent nearby so I'd love to hear from you about any places that I could look at.

I have also gotten admission tot he same programme and will be in Toulouse by the 31st of August. hope to meet u in class. we could communicate by email or phone beforehand.

That's really fast! I'll only be arriving on the 5th of September. Have you guys (and girls =P ) found your rooms yet? Student services are all on summer vacation now so my application has been suspended. D=

I wouldnt count on student accomodation to be provided by University. In fact they said they would help with application process, but they are not very helpful..I have private room already arranged

They even wrote so boldly on their website that all international students will be guaranteed a room. Hopefully they don't mean putting me in a store-room full of old brooms and mice! :P

so you are not going to arrange any accomodation on your own? I received an email from the university and they told me I have to apply through ENFA web site..there are all the information, including what documents you have to provide to get the lodging in the student hall. there's a lot of that! good luck!

I've just received a message yesterday that I have been given a room! But you are right, it was a big oversight to rely on just one application. Luckily it pulled through. *big sigh*

in a student hall or private flat? what formalities you had to make?

Sorry for the late reply. My computer got fried by a lightning strike so I had to wait till I got a new one.

I managed to get a room in a student hall. I'm not very sure what you mean by formalities, but if you are referring to the application process, much of the headache came from showing them documents to prove that I have enough money to survive in France, and getting a French resident as a guarantor.