French Alliance 3 month intensive course

Hi All,
I am enrolling in the three month intensive French course with the French Alliance and was wondering if any Americans have been through the same process and could give me some pointers??

Thanks in advance!

Hey! Thanks for the reply! I have not enrolled in the French Alliance program quite yet because their January courses are not available for online registration yet.  I did want to take my courses with the Catholic institute however when I was inquiring about it they actually told me they were not doing their intensive course this coming semester due to low enrollment :-/. 
My main thing is having a visa that will allow me to work, does the catholic institute give a student visa??  I'd definitely much rather go there, the french alliance classes would be a big financial burden along with all my other expenses in moving out there!


I think it was the extensive course that wasn't offered. So maybe it's different than what you are taking?   I'm sure if you already paid they would have told you if it was cancelled....hopefully. But no I've never been!! I'm moving with my boyfriend who is from Toulouse, his visas in the us were out for a year so I thought I'd take a leap and move to France.

I hear it's beautiful! I am moving there as of now in the middle of November and according to the French alliance their three month intensive course qualifies me for a 12 month visa (that is also why the French alliance appeals more to me) they have classes starting every month, so in case your classes are cancelled that's a second option :-/.

How did your visa process go? Did you only want it until December? Or did the embassy deny a longer stay?