My school (Mon école) close to Balma

Hello everyone,

My son is almost 2 and I'm looking for a bilingual school for him to start in a year and a half (Sept 2021) as I was informed of long waiting lists in some schools I prefer to enroll him in advance and for that I need to choose the rigt school ! I've read some articles and other forums and have made a list of 3 schools that could match:
1) International School of Toulouse
2) English 31 (API Lucie Aubrac for the smallest kids, before continuing with college and lycée Victor Hugo)
3) My school (Mon école) à Balma

Some say that the first option is definitely not worth that money... Some say that it's perfect! As for the English31 I heard mostly positive things but they only accept children starting from 5... I haven't really had any feedback as for "My School" though... Is there anyone on this forum who knows someone whose children are studying there (or probably their own children) ?.. Thanx in advance for your help, any feedback would be helpful.


The school describes itself as "open, alternative, accepting, empathic towards children's needs and bilingual". The classes are held in French despite of the bilingual, there is a presence of the English speaking teacher and they are not willing to help adapting a kid who does not speak French. However, these are only slogans which do not reflect in the reality. The teacher who said after the first hour of spending time with my child, who didn't cry, but simply held the hand of the teacher, said the child poses troubles and she can't work because the child is clingy. The principal as well as teachers take care only about the interests of the sort: "what the parents would say if we accept a new child who needs time to adapting to the school system". They are judgmental (setting diagnostics after an hour of being the child without any qualifications towards that and without taking into consideration the opinions of the specialists) and intolerant and there is no option of a smooth adaptation, following the needs of a kid. After 2 hours spent in the kindergarten the officials of the school gave us the only solution that is to quit not to pose more problems for the teachers and the parents of the children who go to this institution. I highly do NOT recommend!!!!