International school of Toulouse

Hi we are thinking of sending our children (14 and 16) to the international school of Toulouse.  Would love to hear from parents who have their children there what they think of it?

I know it's expensive! Cheaper for Airbus employees. I don't actually know anyone who sends their kids there but I know two teachers who work there and they send their kids elsewhere (read into that what you will!)

You could look in Lycée Victor Hugo in Colomiers - they follow the English31 scheme ( Cheaper option and one that means they integrate quicker into France (Int School is a totally English environment I believe). Depends how long you're planning to stay though really as to whether integration is a factor or not though.

Good luck!

Hello, I'm a newbie here :) My son is almost 2 and as other mums keep telling me that there are long waiting lists for the best schools... I'm already searching. Did you finally send your child to the International School of Toulouse? Or elsewhere?.. I'd be grateful for any feedback on the subject. Thanx



Put him in a public french school. So like that he will learn directly french. Instead of ghettoizing him in an private school.

Hello, thanx for your reply. My husband is French (so are my in-laws, our friends etc.) so there will be no problem for him with the French language... I'm mostly worried about English... The French educational system is not that good with that... That's why I prefer a school where from the very beginning the child is tought both on the equal level, with the possibility then to enter a British university for example. Thanx

OK, now it's more clear. Whatever, you have french public school who give English immersion from the beginning.

Take contact with them, they will provide all expected information

Thanx for the link and your prompt reply phipiemar. I'll keep gathering info. Have a good one

This is a school where most children are very happy   
(unlike the French schools system entirely focused on " Le  Programme")  while the fees are equal or overtake those of the best  UK Independent Schools the quality of the teaching is not there ; size of the classes and lack of focus towards excellence
Very poor classical music programme and impressive discretion towards University destinations
Just ask them how many students got accepted by  Cambridge, Oxford or St Andrews                But if you are determined to live in Toulouse,  want to keep your children with you, have Airbus pay the fees or are wealthy enough to pay for it  then there is no better school in Toulouse  It is a pity that EABJM never opened a branch in Toulouse as it is almost excellence  in taking the best of French and British system
In short, IST is  a happy school but frustrating for outstanding children

We are currently considering sending our son to the IST. We live in Toulouse and definitely don't see ourselves living in Colomiers. Officially no school bus or "ramassage scolaire" exists. I just can't believe it... Does anyone know if there's any initiative among other parents to organise such a thing? I think this school is a good opportunity but driving to Colomiers/commuting one hour/living in Colomiers would definitely not help us.

Honestly i find it to be a really bad first impression of the community life and environmental education... Just my two cents.