Learning french in France for a deaf expat


My friend is deaf and practice Indian Sign Language very fluently.

He would like to comme in France to learn french.

He would ask for student visa.

Could someone tell us how to do in this very particular case ?

Thank you very much to all


Hello Bruno,

In which region/city will he be located ?

Just asking so that members can make recommendation closer to his residence.

Vous pouvez aussi ouvrir un fil en parallèle sur le forum France (en français).



Thank you Bhavna for your suggestion to open a discussion on french forum. I am not customed ...

He will be located in Occitanie region. Toulouse will be the nearest town. I would host him since he haven't got big means.

Thanks to all.


I have move the thread to the Toulouse forum.

Another source of information could be an NGO (association sourds/malentendant Toulouse), you will easily find some on google. Feel free to reach out to them, they might be able to point you in the right direction.

All the very best