recently moved to Pitten

HI   I have recently moved to Pitten, about an hour from Vienna by train...slowly learning the German language   and it is slow lol...
so I am looking for work for native English speakers..or basically any work I can get at moment.

For the past twenty years I worked in Mental Health Youth Work and Community Work.  For the past two years I took a break by working in a super store for a national company in England and now find myself living here

Because of my present limited German language skills I am looking for any work I can get and not fussy what it is I do..until i get myself more settled.

I would be very grateful if any one reading this has advise about work/employment....Although i do have some qualifications in my chosen I dont believe these would be accepted here..hence me taking any work I can...

Also any events coming up with native English people in Vienna where i can meet others and get invaluable advice would be welcome


Please feel free to contact me on my e-mail  paulgregory36[at]

Hi Paul and welcome to!

Have you tried to post an advert in the section Jobs in Vienna? It may help.;)


thanks...ill try it...much appreciated for your response  :) x

Irish and English bars are look for English speakers! Also some language schools will take you even if you have no teaching qualifications (Berlitz for example).

Look on this site, there is a job section with English jobs in Vienna if you are willing to commute in:

Good luck!

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