Private Iqama required

I reviewed the activity of this bolg and found out to be very useful, therefore raising my query.

I basically belong to Pakistan and I am an accountant professional.
I am being offered the job in Riyadh by a Private group, however they cant provide me the sponsorship. Therefore they have asked me to arrange the visa on my own.

I required the help of your blog to kindly refer me the realible agencies dealing in the provision of Private Iqamas of professional or technician category.

My email id is [email protected]

Your urgent response in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Kind Regards

Ammar Altaf

Hello Ammar Altaf.

Welcome to! :)

In meantime, do not heistate to go through the other threads on the Riyadh forum. It may help.

Thank you,

the process you are asking is completely illegal and called as "azaad visa".
Beware of this, as the consequences are troublesome.
you have to pay one time money plus periodical charges such as for exit re-entry etc.

If still you wanna take this move, check with travel agents in pakistan they have such contacts

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