Looking at moving to Sydney from Abu Dhabi

Does anyone know of really good high schools withen the inner City limits of Sydney ,and what areas a the better to live in for Women with 2 daughters , So looking for somewhere safe.
Thanks ahead for any assistance

Hi There,

It really all depends on how much you have budgeted. Are you looking for Private / Catholic or State schools? I would suggest to have a look at the website independentschools.com. In regards to areas to live I am a littlie biased and would have to say North Sydney. It is safe and there are great ammentities including schools.

Loo forward to speaking with you soon.

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Hi Alex ,
Thank you for the information , I will start looking online at the Northern part of Sydney , Ive looked at some of the New subdivisions online and they look pretty good can you tell me are they a huge distance to central city? and is it common to have gridlocks during peak hours when commuting to the CBD,
I havnt really considered budget ,my main concern was to move into a safe area to raise my girls, My daughter currently goes to a Private Catholic school at the moment.I will look at the website you recommended also.

Thanks again for your advice.
Regards Sylvana

Hi Sylvana,

I actually live in Melbourne so am not too sure on the distance these estate are from the CBD. Best to look on realestate.com.au as it will provide maps and distances.

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Thanks for your help Alex,
I'l check it out.

have a great week

cheers :)