Spanish people in Sydney...?


My name is Kelly and I am a postgraduate (Master) research student at the University of Technology Sydney. My research major for my dissertation involves an analysis of the impact of immigration on Spanish women to Australia.

The problem I have: I'm having difficulty getting in contact with Spanish people that are living in or have migrated to Australia!

I'm hoping to conduct three short interviews with women who were in Spain during the Franco era, so any time up until the late 1970s, but now live (or spend a lot of time) in Australia. These interviewees can certainly remain anonymous, and will form only part of my research data gathering.

As you can see it's a broad demographic I'm after. Alas I've had no luck with my various contacts so far :/

I'm hopeful that my research will be groundbreaking in terms of analysing how social contexts affect those in Australia from different backgrounds, and in the future it may assist those choosing to live in Australia and easing their acculturation to this way of life.

How and why women migrate is an academic topic under-researched, and I am proud to say that my proposed paper will uniquely contribute to this area.

Thanking you in advance for all the assistance you can give here!

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I suggest you to post an ad in the Looking for testimonies in Sydney also, it may certainly give you a boost in your research. :)

Thank you, team

Thanks Priscilla - hoping that'll be helpful :D

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if you have find any groups or community of spanish people in sydney, i would like to make friends with them. i have studied the bachelor of spanihs literature and language, and would  like to meet spanish people in sydney


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I suggest that you do a Google search for Spanish clubs and communities in Sydney. There are some to be found there. Also try the Spanish Embassy for information.