Schools and Housing

My husband and I are planning a trip to Sydney, Australia beginning Nov 1st. We are going to investigate housing options and schools primarily. Any info would be helpful. We have three children, boy who is 10, boy who is almost 6, girl who is 4. We would be relocating from the Virginia, USA. Any info would be much appreciated!

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hi mimi. well your boys would be in primary (elementary) and your daughter might be ok for pre-school or even kindergarten for 2011 depending on when her birthday is. unless you were planning on putting them in a private school (where the fees are high and there is probably a long waiting list) the public school in your area is obligated to take your children.

ps. all school kids wear uniforms - you will love it, they will HATE it !


Hi Mimi, We arrived in Sydney with two preschool children in Jan this year, so have been here nearly a year. I've set up a blog to help other mums relocating to Australia ( - you'll find some useful information about eductaion here. As Mel mentioned, there will be long waiting lists for the best preschools so it's worth making a decision as quickly as possibly and getting your daughter's name down - or wait listing from a distance so you don't miss out. For primary, standards are generally high; we've chosen a Catholic school (although we're not Catholic) because it's the best school within walking distance and the Catholic education system here has a great reputation(for primary and high school). We've found the school and community to be very inclusive and have had very positive experience so far. Check out for more info on public schools.
Good Luck - what an exciting trip! Sarah