What should i do?

Hi everyone. I'm considering in choosing where should i study ma in australia. I love australia, nice people, beautiful beaches, places,... I'm trying improving my ielts score to get a scholarship. Studying abroad is my dream. Maybe you will ask me why i dont choose uk or us or singapore,... I just answer i dont know, just want that. I know australia has high living level. If i dont get any scholarships from australian universities, i will apply for uk or finland. I dont want to depend on my parents that why how important scholarship to me. Honestly, i dont want to be like normal vietnamese girl, graduate and then get married , take care of kids and husband. I know that is the happyness in life to woman, but i'm still young, i'm not ready for that. I love kids, i love to have a happy family but i'm not ready. I want to enjoy the beautiful things of the world. I think my dream is just imaginary. My friends always say me that. So i feel so sad.
Well, i just share my thinking and feeling right now. I dont dare to talk to my parents and friends so i write on here. Thanks for reading.

That sounds great, as you are young, try to enjoy each moment of your life because we only live once. Also, the good thing about you is that, you want to enjoy and at the same time you want to achieve your goals. So just carry on and do not worry about negative people opinions . One day they will say you are the best when you reach your goals.
All the best

Think positive thoughts and things will happen. 
Set yourself a goal and work towards achieving it.

It might be quite a late response, and I hope you made it to Australia.
I would recommend The University of Melbourne, or any university in Melbourne. It is a very diverse city.
Best of luck! :)

Thank u so much, sandra. Im considering melboune as well.

Thank u for your useful advice.

What should you do?

Follow your heart! ...  :heart:

Our heart never fails us, only our logic does.

You're dreaming of something different and you should follow your heart. Get out there and do it I say.

Don't care too much about what your friends and family says, if you feel that going to another country and study is right, then I encourage you to do so. I did and even though things turned out different than I imagined, I do not regret it a single second! You will meet so many new and interesting people. It's a great experience in life that will open up new doors for you.

I would encourage you to spend your time ahead to figure out what you really want to study, where and make a plan on how to finance it :)

Best of luck!

you are so kind, just plan well what you want to get and don't forget to act for your future every single day


This a guess, but it's unlikely they are still debating the choice after ten years

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