Want to relocate to Australia

How many Namibian live abroad and is it possible for me to study while I working over there. And what if you except me to work and I don't know any one there in Australia are you going to offered me Accomodation and I'm sure that I dont have money for my vica how are you going to help me with that?

What is the international language

From the tone of your post it seems you wish to study in Australia but have no money and you are asking for someone to support you.

To study here in Australia you need money to pay for the course and your accommodation. These are not cheap. I seriously doubt whether anyone will offer to support you.

On a student visa you can work part time.

this site will give you all the information you need for visa applications.  www.immi.gov.au 

You need to do an online search for study courses in your field.

Thanks for your time see through my application and I do understand what you mean, but I din't mean that what I mean is I dont have money for air ticket and visa to reach over there but as a foreigner maybe you can apply me with accomodation even for a month in the mean time I will; start looking for room to rent, ans study part time if it posiple to study if not is not a problem as long as I earn a living for myself and family here back home.

What Stumpy told you was right. For accommodation it self will cost a lot, depends on which part of Australia. Study cost, visa cost, accommodation cost, traveling cost. Room rental in Brisbane roughly $100/week if you lucky & depends on location. Study in Australia not cheap..

good luck.

You would struggle to earn enough money to support yourself so impossible to send money home.

For cost of living check out this website numbeo.com