Malaysian Education for Malaysians in Aussie?


I am currently living in Japan.
Would like to migrate to Aussie, but need some advice on starting a family there. (My wife is a Malaysian)

What sort of education available for children of foreigners there? (Of course, being Malaysian Chinese, would want
our children to have some Chinese elements, and also
Malaysian elements in them) Does the education system
there provide for such a need?

Please advice

Thanks a million

Welcome on board, Saratuga :)

I will move your topic to Australia's forum for a start to allow it a better visibility. It might of course also help to know in which part of Australia you'd like to settle.

Did you get a chance to go through the Guide for Australia? It contains loads of information!

Hope this helps!


hi there, i know perth has many schools for children to study english as a second language. they dont need to speak any.

hope this helps :D