Some tips for people who would like to come to Australia to study

Hi Guys,
I'm Lanny and I've been In Melbourne for around 10 years now. I would like to give you some tips before you coming to Australia.
If you thinking to come to Australia,
1. You need to choose the right course - you can always visit university website which give you all the details of all the courses, course start date, tuition fees, eligibility criteria, career outcome.
2. University location - make sure it's convenient, check if there's any transportation near that area. 
3. Make sure you choose the right Education agent / migration agent.
4. know all your right as an international student.
5. 000 for any emergency in Australia

For more details you can always contact me and I'm more than happy to help you and answers all your questions.

Thank you


Good advice.  You should make this a sticky or something. Don't forget the students need the correct English scores through IELTS  or TOEFL and to make sure they comply with immigration

Hi Luke all international student must have minimum IELTS of 6.5 or they wont get offer from university. Without offer they cant apply for student visa. Sure some uni or college or course may require lower or higher mark. Actually what sadden me is lot of Indonesia students still cannot make difference between great, good, or so so overseas university as usually the great ones doesnt do much advertising or joined education exhibition. Then when student applied, paid and study overseas just to know oh their uni not so great quality. So i take responsibility or wish more overseas graduate from any country to educate fellow indonesian or any people about this :)

That's is Correct Wardha,
I'm working as an education agency in Australia, at the end of the day the value of money is playing a big part too.
There's more and more Cheap colleges with poor quality.
If student would like to study to Australia or Overseas and would like to find a good university, I will advice to check with the 2-4 different agents and make some research in internet.

Hi Luke,

Thanks for the advice.
I'm still new to this, can you please teach me about the sticky thing that you mentioned?
Thank you

Hi Lanny, I think the moderators can do this for you, you need to ask them. With so many people looking to 'Aussie' to study/live and work then I think it would be appropriate.

Now I have been told and shown that you can get a working visa in Australia if you are Indonesian with a PBT toefl score. I laughed but it was there in black and white.

Do you know the actual entry level requirement for TOEFL IBT and then whether the law was changed to allow a TOEFL score to be accepted by immigaration ow?

Hello all

@ Lanny Angkawati & lukereg :

Done this is a Sticky topic now!

Please add some more relevant information for students coming to Australia for study so that it can remain sticked for a long time ;)

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Hi Luke,

Yes, It's been quite long since they accepted TOEFL.
For the IELTS and TOEFL score comparison please check the link below. :)


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