PhD in Australia


I am thinking about making a Phd in Sociology. Is there any university you would advice me to do it? Is there any institution where to apply for a scholarship? And how is it with the visa? Well, as I am giving the first steps in this area, any advice would be great!

Thank you!

As for the choice of University, you need to have a topic of research in your mind. Then you need to search through the university websites to see which university has a professor specialising in that area and who is willing to accept your proposal.

Once you get the admission offer, you can apply to the Australian embassy/high commission in your country for a student visa on the basis of that offer. You need to have the IELTS Score if you are not from an English speaking country.

Thank you!

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I've moved your topic to Australia's forum for a better visibility and to allow you to browse the Guide of Australia and more particularly the chapter on Studies in Australia which contains some useful information and links.

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