i am Mahmoud
i have just finished my high school study and i am ready now to join the university to be a banker.i am planning to start my university study in australia and immigirate to it too.but i dont know what should i do!!!
i am from Egypt i wish any body can help me!!
thanks for your interest.

Hi and welcome on board Mahmoud!

Maybe you should try spotting the universities first and prepare your move accordingly!
Have you started your research?


first let me thank you on your interest.....
no,ihavent yet!!
i dont know where should i immigrate to so i dont know where should i spot a university!!!!
can you help me,please??

In my opinion the best thing to do is search the universities that offer the courses you are interested in first. Then try to obtain maximum information on their location. This should help you choose the city and so on ;)

Good luck