Study Short Course at AAC

Hello Expatriates..
Does anyone know about this intitution?
The address is at:
Level 7, 8 Quay Street
Haymarket NSW 2000 Australia
Please share information..

What do u wanna study exactly?

Hello there,
I would like to study the short course at Australian Academy of Commerce of Australia their short business courses. The certificate II for 26 weeks.
Does anyone know about the academy, if anyone know the place/area??

I think the school's okay but if you are interested in other school, you can search google, though.

Thank you Jes,
It's not happening now there tho :(

Hi Karren,

Are you still in Manila, how do you plan to go there and study. If you dont mind me asking.


Hello Versan,
Yes I'm still here in Luzon, the Australian study won't happen anymore-long story, but the main things is, unafford the 2 years tuition.
About planning, its more on research really and contacting the university where you want to study.
May I know why you ask?

Hi Karren,

Well, I myself were also looking for possibilities. Have been to a consulting firm for a short seminar also and found out that study visa is more of the opportunity. But, affordability questions me.. haha.  Like you, still wont give up.

Have you been to any country even for a short term vacation?


Hello Versan,
I started my school researched since 2010, literally, but didn't searched for that 3 years. I studied and did something in 2 years and now 2013 I started again. However, it seems not for me, well, maybe it is, yet just like you, the financial is too high.

Studenty visa is the easiest, nevertheless, even if you have enough tuition fee, you still need to show enough fund in your bank to support your needs to survive, not to depend in part-time job which we hope for to do while studying.

Whenever if you're still looking forward to study abroad-int'l credit gives promising carreer. Search schools in Paris, they are cheap, But you need to take a preliminary exam. And many learn basic French. Its true that English is universal in this modern world, yet the old people aren't English speaker and you possibly get in-touch with them in times of room hunting. Surely, there are many can help you.

Study in France, give it a year for preparation. They have preliminary exam that has its mandatory dates. This can help too... … tudent_EN.

I never been outside Phil, but God will lead me that way :)
Only wandering in Philippines :)

By the way, if you are a college holder, enrol at AAC "Australian Academy of Commerce" in Sydney. The college is cheap. AUD 3,000 for 6 months then funds to show in immigration. If you're just undergrad, min program duration is 2 years. That's what happened to me. I'm undergrad reason why I didn't proceed my documents to immigration. I was about to send my enrolment payment to AAC.

Richard Suchovsky
Promotions Manager
Level 7, 8 Quay Street
Haymarket NSW 2000 Australia
CRICOS Code: 02599C
RTO Code: 90982
T: +(612) 9211 1113
F: +(612) 9211 8811
PO Box 20542, World Square NSW 2002

Email Richard and he'll get back to you right away. Ask if the promo is still available, in their website, the tution is AUD 5,000. I asked him about it and said the rate I know AUD 3,000 is the same.

Goodluck in all your plans..