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Hey guys , i m working on my application form and i want to apply for master degree in would be great if anyone help me with application form . :)

If you are not in Sydney and processing for your Visa, I would recommend you to catch some education consultancy.
Firstly they have experience doing this, so they have knowledge on all the details of application form.
Secondly, I don't know how it works but if you pay fees directly to the college, you will end up paying more than
what you would have paid, if would have gone through education consultancy and also the educational consultancy does all the processing for free as they get commission from the university for bringing in the student.

So, why take hassle when the job will be done for free and also will save you some extra money for you.

If you want to do it yourself, first you have to download the application form from University website, duly fill it and send to the University, after this has been accepted you will receive COE (certificate of enrollment) upon the payment of certain amount of fees as advance for the reservation of your place in the college.

This COE is what you need to provide to Consulate when you apply for the visa along with other documents, about which, a Visa officer will notify you like Bank Statement, Relationship Certificate etc.

sure.. what help are you looking for?

Oh , thank you , that would be very helpful .

Hi contact me fb termeche Mohamed

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