Where is great to move 3 young children to in Sydney/and around Sydney

Don't know where to start....:) looking for a nice commutity for the schools and kids to grow up. Hoping to move from England, UK.

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I take it you will be looking for work.
First check out this website for visas etc www.immi.gov.au
Then for cost of living www.numbeo.com  open the site, type in the country, city and this will give you information regarding rentals, food costs etc.

Sydney and all the other cities in Oz are expensive to live in. Cost of living in general is high in Oz as are taxes. School fees are high and as a newcomer and non Oz you will have to pay all of your children's education costs. 

As unemployment is rising it is becoming harder for expats to get work here unless they have a unique skill or their job is on the skills list. It is expensive and time consuming for companies to bring overseas staff into Oz and they prefer to hire local.

Do not consider going through a migration agent as they are expensive and there is no guarantee of them finding you a job.

I suggest you spend  time online and research thoroughly before you decide.

Sorry for sounding so negative but that is the reality.

Thank you Stumpy we are informed of all of the above.

Hi there,

I recently assisted a family of 4 relocating themselves in Sydney from Chile.

Assuming that you have all the paperwork for your family to live in Australia, I suggest Woollahra in the Eastern Suburbs to live with your family. You will find that despite being in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the Eastern Suburbs, the area has lots of secluded parks, it is very family oriented, you have about 2 public schools in the area, and other features that makes this neighbour great for your family.

The Chilean family I helped to relocate in Sydney are very happy living in this part of the Eastern Suburb.

You have children you want to be near good schools .The Hills ( include Carlingford/ Epping/ Marsfield)area will be your best bet. The prices of houses are rising but not as bad as inner city.  If you want a bit easy access to city and schools check out Strathfield/ Concord area.
Hope this helps.