Good public primary schools in the inner west

Hi, we are looking to move to the inner west, probably annadale, lilyfield or leichhardt. Does anyone have any information about the best primary public schools in the area? I have heard that Annandale North is good?

Hi Cathy,  We have just arrived to Annandale a week ago and our son had his first day at Annandale North School today - we were also recommedned the school.  A little early to tell but all indicators are good so far.  The schooling is different as there is no kindergarten (I have a younger child as well) just playgroups (I think most Mums are back at work by that stage) and then the kids start from kindergartn (K) at school.  Feels very strange but that is equivilent to year 1 in NZ.  I would be interested to see how you get along.