contract renegotiation

Do you have any experience in contract renegotiation with Saudi employer?
I am looking for any advice/experience in this matter.

What exactly do you want to do? Negotiate on pay etc?

I am just asking generally, is it possible to renegotiate after certain period of time? It could be pay, benefits, status, etc. I was trying to find something about it in the net but there is not much.
I think it could be helpful topic for people.

Yes of course, if you are not happy about the benefits you are getting versus the work, you may raise a flag whenever you like. in fact, many expat employees don't have visibility to the life/situation here while signing their contracts. And then you know.....

I've never seen a job contract with a clause forbidding an employee from a negotiation. So feel free and go ahead.

It really depends on the employer to review the package etc or let you go. Needless to say, it depends on the role/importance of employee as well. If the employer cannot live without him, he WILL have to revise.

I didn't express myself right i think. Of course you can renegotiate, but as far as i know it is difficult task. Negotiations with local employers might be quite hard and often if you agreed something at the start it's not easy to change, specially in situations when, as you said, many expats don't know enough about life here.
I wanted to see if people have any experience in renegotiation their contract and how hard that was.
I am not working here, but my friend is just trying to negotiate contract renewal. The employer is making it extremely hard. Starting from telling lies, trying to make him feel he is not needed, etc. I found it really bad that's why if anybody have similar or any other experience would be interesting to compare.

My opinion:
Difficult! Either they'll refuse to discuss/revise, or they'll ask to hang this on till the contract renewal time. And unfortunately the law will also favor the employer saying that the purpose of the contract was to protect both parties rights.

I remember ONLY one such case when an employee got through successfully. A consultant, whom we hired and outsourced to a client, gave us a tough time. Before pulling our plug, he took the client in confidence about his calibre. We couldn't help revising his contract to save the entire project from a disaster.

So, I think it's a case-to-case matter. All depends upon the mutual understanding between the 2 parties, negotiation skills, the dependence of business on the person trying to negotiate etc. By the way, no negitiations must be done at the cost of relations. Worst Case: Say your friend force things and gets what he wanted, he won't be able to save himself from a very likely counter-fire.

That's what I had to say, let us see what other opinion do we get.

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