Employment Agent for Workers

I am looking for an employment agent who will bring in workers for factory, warehouse, construction works, etc.

@Harmanjeet Singh

Hello Harmanjeet,

Do you have any specific countries you would like to recruit from? or any nationality will suffice.. I am interested in finding out more about these positions and see if we can work together.

Kind regards

@Harmanjeet Singh You are their representative from abroad and seek contacts to find employers in Bulgaria or you are employer already?

The workers I have currently are all from India. As it is difficult for them to find an employment agent overseas, they come to me to assist them. I will send their profiles to employment agents who will then look for them an employer.   

You are one of many trying to get people into the E.U.

Its the same regulations we have now.

Apply at a an embassy for a visa.

You will find its not as easy as you think. BULGARIA  is not such an easy touch either.