Chest x ray result

There is an approximately 10x8 mm sized ovoid opacity in the right upper zone projecting over the anterolateral aspect of the right 1st rib. The differentials to be considered are sclerotic rib lesion and right apical lung nodule.

There are few fibrotic bandsb in the right upper zone

-what is this mean??

Is this result unfit??

where did you do the xray? DHA med fitness?

@Jonel De Lima TV are you on a tourist or visit visa?

@Goodthings in a private clinic is this fit to work?? I will exit dubai

@Goodthings yes im on visit visa

@Jonel De Lima TV unfit, but if you are a resident before DHA will give you fit-follow up result for 1 year, you can work and you need to do 6months follow up twice before you can renew the visa

@Goodthings why unfit?

@Jonel De Lima TV do you have the result from private clinic? What is the result? Did you ask them why unfit?

you share that there is something in your lungs, we don't know what is the problem, better go back to the clinic and ask the doctor

Did you pass medical?

Hi..Taking Collagen and Glutathione can fade lung scar? Thank you for your answer.

@denzllanasas never heard of that