Best cleanest, quietest cities in Morocco

I am planning to relocate from Australia to Morocco. I have been to Casablanca twice for about 3 months together.

I have been told that the cleanest, quietest cities to settle in Morocco are Ifrane and Tangier.

Do you agree that and what would  you recommend?

Thank you in advance.

Are you looking just for quite city . İn my idea most of cities here are quite because there is not lot of population . But if you are looking for both and better facility it is better you go to Rabat. İfran may be can be a choice ... İt depend what are you looking for

@hooman ar Yes, I am looking for clean and quiet city. I guess, Ifran..  maybe I will have a look at that.

First is to find the right city for us, then buy an apartment.

@U M52

Great to know another Aussie is intending to relocate to Morocco. I'm in a similar situation to you, undecided for about a year now. (Torn between going to Malaga, Fes, or Tangier.)

You may want to find out a few more things before you make a final decision.

  1. The ACTUAL cost of living has spiked. Prices are now going through the roof. Hopefully, you are aware of this.
  2. What will you do there once the "honeymoon period" is over? Business, work for someone, retire permanently?
  3. Will your income from local/Australia be enough to suit your current lifestyle if you want to retire?
  4. The public health system is very poor. You'll have to seriously consider private health insurance.
  5. Moving costs to your location. Will you take a lot of stuff? Will you need to hire a mover? Will you hire a container? Who will clear your stuff from customs?
  6. Replacement cost and quality of items in Morocco. Happy about the prices, quality and warranty of stuff you may want to replace in Morocco?
  7. Daily running costs.
  8. Locals think that people coming from abroad have lots of money. The "expectation" is you are going to buy a very nice house in a very nice suburb, an excellent motor vehicle, etc, etc.

Please contact me via DM if you want to discuss any options. I AM looking for some people to share a container with, who are in Melbourne. Maybe work something out that's good for us all.

I'm an American citizen who was born in Peru & grew up in Egypt & spent my summers in the Malaga area during the 70s. I chose to live here after spending a vacation here in 2015. That's all it took! The city is often described as calm & tranquil by most Moroccans themselves. The expat scene is pretty tight with a lot of Aussies, Kiwis, Brits & Irish.

The city is easily walkable with an authentic Medina constructed by the Portuguese & long stretches of beaches. A lot of expats live either in various apartments in the city, in the Medina, or in the “country” which is only 3 miles outside the city where the villas are.

I'd say that the city is clean but that's a relative term. The one thing that could be important to know is that the climate here is very temperate because of the wind. It's earned the Windy City nickname because of it. But if you like kite surfing, or just plain surfing, then you might not mind it.

Another thing that is important to know is that the healthcare isn't great but of you're relatively healthy, the doctor that everyone goes to here speaks perfect English. Otherwise, most expats go to Marrakech or Casablanca for more serious issues.

I settled in the outskirts of Essaouira. I live in a small row house which I renovated & I've been happy here for 5 years so far. I'm retired & it's a great place for a slower lifestyle. Also, what I love about Morocco in general is it's proximity to Europe. It's such easy access compared to the US. And Essaouira has a tiny airport with limited but direct flights to smaller airports in London, Germany, France, etc.

@U M52 I've lived in Rabat since August 2022 and it's the first “city” I'd recommend. It's central, with good transportation links, on the coast (so not as hot as inland), and it's clean and safe. Being the capital, it just has a civility that many other Moroccan cities don't have. In many ways, it's “boring” for people wanting more nightlife (many young people), and yet it gets a huge share of

cultural events.

Hi guys. Anyone recommend Tangier?

Did anyone set up a small business in any of the cities? I'm interested in the tax rates, etc for SME's.

I have been to Rabat many times before, It's a great city with administration vibes but I prefer Tangier or maybe Tetouan as both are less population compare to Casa and Rabat.

Reason I chose to settle in Tangier is:

Quieter (not over populated as Casa or maybe Rabat)

Streets are clean

Modern city

A bit cheaper (living expenses) than Casa or maybe Rabat

Close to Europe

Good weather


One thing I noticed in Tangier is that people don't hang their clothes outside the apartment which I believe makes the apartment look bad or ghetto. 

@U M52

Is there a university or college there?