LTVP for spouse of SC

Hi everyone,

I am an SC that has been living abroad in the UK since my university days, met my spouse (British) and made a family here. I was working here before i had my baby (SC too) and then resigned after my maternity leave since Sept 2022. We have been married for 3 years now.

We have now decided to move to Singapore and make it our permanent abode.

I am currently looking for a job in Singapore and will be moving there with my baby alone first at the end of this month. My spouse will be staying back in the UK until he gets the LTVP to come. We will be living in my parent's condo until we are able to get a HDB of our own.

What are the chances of him getting LTVP considering I have not secured a job in Singapore yet? Do they look at my spouse's income in the UK? I did read somewhere that someone got their spouse LTVP based on securing a job offer right after graduation.

Thank you in advance for the help

For non-Singaporeans, who need a Dependents Pass in this case, the income requirements are clear: base salary of min. S$6000/month for spouse and kids, S$12000/month for others (e.g. parents).

For Singaporeans, there are no published income requirements, and circumstantial evidence suggests things are slightly more relaxed. However, the authorities do look at how the daily expenses would be covered. Thus I'd recommend applying only after you find a job.

Any potential income of your husband will not be considered - he will not even be allowed to work on the LTVP you plan to apply for! Once he finds a job, however, he should apply for a work pass on his own merits.

@sash1881 hi, messaged you!

@sash1881 hi, messaged you!
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Unless there are legitimate reasons for confidentiality (which I do not see here), it is preferable to post advice on the open forum:

That way, future readers in a similar situation can also read and benefit from it. That is what this forum is about!


If Sash1881 husband applied for PLOC together with the LTVP, does'nt it mean he can work?  assuming its approved

@combatwombatt Yes, an LTVP plus LOC (or PLOC) allows works (with specific formalities attached), but not an LTVP alone.