Seeking advice for PR application

Hi everyone! I have a quick inquiry re: PR application. I am currently holding an SPass and just recently gotten married (early Nov) with a Singapore Citizen spouse. I am planning to apply for a PR by EOY as my SPass is expiring in July 2023.

Do you think it's best to apply as an SPass holder (i.e. based on my own merit) or to get my spouse to sponsor my application? I have previously applied for a PR (almost a year ago) but it was rejected. The following are my details:

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 27
  • Family: Married to SC (no kids)
  • Citizenship: Indonesian
  • Race: Chinese
  • Education: Bachelor Degree
  • Current Job: Ops Specialist in tech company
  • Annual Salary: 50-55k SGD
  • Family ties: 2 siblings (1 SC and 1 SPR), parents are LTVPs holders
  • Years in SG: Studied in SG for Sec and JC, did uni in US, and have been working in SG for >5 years

Spouse details

  • Current job: Qualitative Manager in tech company
  • Annual Salary: 50-55K SGD

Thank you in advanced!

ICA will consider all relevant factors during a PR application - it does not matter if you apply with the intention of family ties or work PR.

Sorry Beppi, I have to disagree with you.

Yes, you are right, ICA collects quite a lot of information (with and/or without your consent, we don't know) about you before deciding if you will be granted PR status.

However, "spouse of SC" and "PTS - Professional, technical Personel and Skilled Workers" are two different schemes. The quota allocated for each scheme are different and the criteria for each scheme are also different.

It's no doubt that with OP's profile, applying via a family scheme (spouse of SC) will help her to have 95% to 99% of chance getting the PR status after less than 3 trials (I am quite confident (~70%) that she will get her PR status right in the first application)

The family scheme is created to help a foreign spouse integrate into Singapore society as soon as possible. Hence, the criteria of income, education, contribution etc are much less than the PTS scheme. The people who compete with OP are other spouses - some of them haven't completed a single degree, some of them cannot even speak English, and guess what, they still get their PR status after 3-4 trials.

I would confidently say that, under family scheme, as long as:

  • The applicant's sponsor has a fair job (3-4K/ month) and have a good record in CPF Board.
  • The applicant's sponsor has never been jailed
  • The applicant has a job (any kind of job which draws more than 1.4K a month)
  • They have been married for some times (1 year+)

Then the applicant will be granted a PR status, either in the first apply or second apply.

Meanwhile, applying under PTS scheme is much more difficult. The applicant will have to compete with a much different set of people with lots of PhD in the hot area (artificial intelligence, biomedical, green energy), or professional workers with a high monthly income - some of them can be up to 22.5K/ month (new PEP criteria - 10% of EP holders are having this range of income) or 30K/ month (ONE Pass criteria - 5% of EP holders are having this range of income).

How can a Bachelor's Degree with an annual salary of 50-55K compete with these applicants? It can take you a damn long time until you get your PR granted, or even never. (I personally know an Indonesian, non-Chinese family just got their PR after 8 trials).

Another question may arise: She got a Sporean husband, so why is she applying under PTS? She plans to divorce is this? Aiyah this lady ah, let her wait for some more time okay...

ICA will consider all relevant factors during a PR application - it does not matter if you apply with the intention of family ties or work PR.
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@Nullpointer2 You seem to have a lot of information about the inner workings of ICA, which they do not publish. May I ask how you know these things?

My answer was based on my own experience, which is admittedly a bit different (but I assumed the same may apply here):

I was PR under the PTS scheme, then married a Singaporean. At the next REP renewal, I called ICA to ask if I should apply for renewal under PTS or family scheme: The answer (which I more or less quoted above) was that it does not matter, they would consider all relevant factors anyway and change my scheme if they see fit. (And so they did!)

Hi both! Thank you so much for your insights. In that case I will try to apply using the family scheme instead.

In the past my husband (then fiance) tried to appeal to MP for my PR rejection as we were really hoping we could BTO. Bt it was to no avail.

Understand that it might also be too early to apply since we've only been married for a month, bt my pass is expiring next year and we would really love to get a place of our own (and it's really difficult to do that without having a PR).

@bonbonbonbon why not try ltvp first? PR is not the only option.

@nayeshaf we'd like to get a house too! So we can get a loan based on my income too

@bonbonbonbon same as mine. Did you apply PR now? I want to apply to but we're only married for 8 months. It's very hard to buy house and the rent is so high!! 😭😭😭

@nayeshaf Singapore admits people as PR, who are beneficial to Singapore as a nation, society and/or economy.

But your intention is to benefit from Singapore's subsidized HDB housing - clearly a reason (in the eyes of the authorities) against you.

Ask yourself: What have I contributed to Singapore, and what more will I contribute once I become PR?

@nayeshaf yes we did end up applying for PR last year, but I foresee the result won't be out so soon. I guess no harm trying 😅

We also applied for ltvp and have gotten IPA. I have submitted my medical check up document bt it's taking a while for them to approve (it's been a week). Did you apply for ltvp and experience the same thing too?