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Setting up a business in Peru
Peru is a real haven for foreign investment, which greatly contributes to the economy. Many foreigners have successfully managed to set up a business in Peru thanks to several incentives and simplified procedures. Because of this, Peru has become Latin America's most business-friendly destination.
Finding work in Arequipa
Arequipa, Peru's ‘white city' named for its beautiful white colonial architecture, is the second most industrialised and commercialised city in the country. The capital city of the region bearing the same name, Arequipa can be the ideal destination for foreign nationals in search of new career prospects in a Latin American city.
Finding work in Peru
Working and living in Peru is a goal for many foreigners, with a low cost of living (by North American and European standards), rich culture and history, and great travel opportunities both within the country and its neighbours.
Finding work in Trujillo
Located in the north of Peru, Trujillo is the third biggest city in the country. The capital city of La Libertad, Trujillo, once a colonial fishing town, is now one of the country's main economic centres. The city is powered by agriculture, construction, and tourism, providing many professional opportunities for expats considering relocating to Trujillo.
Internships in Peru
Peru's diversified and growing economy means there are many opportunities for foreign students and young graduates looking to acquire professional experiences through internship programmes.
Become a digital nomad in Peru
South America is becoming an attractive environment for digital nomads. A growing start-up scene, new coworking spaces, vibrant culture and cosmopolitan cities make the region a convenient space to work from. Peru, situated on the western side of the continent, boasts wild landscapes, rich culture and festivals, flavourful Latin cooking, and a thriving nomad scene.
Job candidates in Peru
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Felipe Deza
Permanent contract
Added on 26/09/2023
USD 250
Added on 13/08/2023
Added on 19/07/2023
30,000 soles per month
Added on 23/03/2023
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