Possible for foreigner to lease an hotel and run an hotel?

Does anybody know if it is possible for a foreigner to lease a hotel and run a hotel?

in peru or in paraguay ?

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Can you please give more about the hotel location, the type of lease, and so on. That might help us get you information you are looking for.

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sorry, I was thinking to lease something in Peru (Lima center or Miraflores) or Chile (Santiago) with more then 40 rooms. Thanks

its possible, you will have to create a company to act as a veicule to sign the lease etc.
Doing so in your own individual name will force you to be probably a resident, and you probably will be asked for banks statements and letter to proove warantys.

Do you have any link of a trustwordy real estate agent where can i get any hotel option?

I of course have several questions:
1. you are a foreigner, what country
2. do you have an income that's reportable of 1000 a month coming from an out of country (Peru) source that is documentable?
3. leasing is harder but possible, however I doubt you can get anything larger then 10-15 rooms usually called a Hostel.
4. It might be possible to buy something in the north or by the jungle
5. you need to form a corp with a Lawyer.
have the corp buy or lease the hotel business. but do not buy or lease just a company as you could find you have a company with out any property.
6. I am currently looking for Hotels to buy.
lima area would cost you a large premium and would be hard to break even unless you have major money to back you. I know of several hotels you can buy for less then 500,000. send me a email if you need my help.


Might be easier to get a job as a hotel manager, then obtain a carnet de extranjeria, your employement will suffice as one of the requirements for residency.

If you want more freedom an independence and perhaps the possibly to make money on a future sale, then like the other person said, buy your hostel.  You could do that with cash and a passport, but you would have the problem of how long you can stay as a tourist, thus the need to form a corporation pay taxes, get residency etc. this is a  big hassel and costs money.

as of last year the rules of residency have changed some what. in order to qualify as a resident all you have to show is income of 1000 dollars a month from a out of country (peru) source. if you have residency then you can enter contracts, buy and sell property and live in peru without a visa. I hope that this clears up some issues. I am always looking for a partner for a hotel if anyone is interested.


Is there any other barrio in Lima which is interesting besides Miraflores? How secure is center

Any body interested to do a hotal pathner ship business here in Bhutan.

@tandin - pls note that you can post an advert in the Business partners classifieds in Bhutan section :)

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