In 3 months I'll be moving to Trujillo. But I need to find a translator (traductor jurado) who can translate my documents. I'll be having the English version of my documents from Denmark, so from English to Spanish is basically what I need.

Thanks in advance! :)

Hello laudegoestoperu.

Welcome to! :)

This page could help -> Translators and interpreters in Peru.

You can also post an advetr in the Jobs in Peru section.

Thank you,

I prefer to find a translater in Trujillo and not Lima, since I won't be going to Lima. But maybe I can ask them. Thanks :)

hi, maybe im a little bit late but i am in Trujillo and i can help you  to translate your documents.

hellow oceane,my name is mancool

hello. are you in Peru?

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