looking for teaching job in Peru!!?

Help Please!
I am from the United States and am planning to move to Peru. I have 2 years of schooling towards being a teacher and I have much experience.
I heard about a few programs to get certified to be able to teach in Peru, so if anyone knows about this please give me some info or tips?? Or if anyone can point me in the right direction in what to do, that would be greatly appreciated! I am trying to get everything figured out now, so that I have a general or set plan and idea when I get there!


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When is it you're thinking of moving to Peru?

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Well I plan to move there around the end of August, or sometime in September.

I am so excited to move. I just got back from being in Peru a week ago. I was there for 2 months..
My boyfriend just moved there and is still there getting settled. I plan to go when he is settled and ready with a job and all. I love it in Peru and look forward to moving there for a while or for good!

...only thing is, is that I'm a little bit nervous about finding work out there. I want to plan all this out now, so I have a set plan!

School year starts in March... so it is not likely you´ll find a job teaching in a school in Aug or Sept. 

At the big international schools, unless they are desperate, they require their foreign teachers to be certified.

At small schools, they will hire uncertified foreign teachers assuming they have a university degree... but you need to understand that they pay a lot less... around $1000 - $1200 a month.


I would advise you to contact the Britanico and Icpna institutes (they are to learn English).

They may have something for you...



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