Ready to Teach English - How to proceed legally? Need advice for Visa


My name is Joe, I'm a 21-year old British National.
In August 2013 I fell in love with a Peruana, and I went to visit her in February 2014, we spent two beautiful months together; travelling around the south of Peru.

I returned to England in April 2014 - leaving my girl the promise that I will work so hard, train to teach English as a foreign language, and come back to her. We knew it would be a struggle - but love always prevails!

Since that time, I have returned to my old job as a bartender and saved up as much money as I can, and I've completed a couple of TEFL courses and I'm now ready to teach English abroad :)

...the only problem now, which is causing us a lot of pressure, is visas, and legalities. We want to do everything legally, we don't want to make risks.

I plan to leave very soon!

I would love anybody who has some advice for me as a British national looking to move to Peru to message me please!
e-mail is preferable

[email protected]

Please help us :)
In the name of love!

Thank you for your time!

Hello Joe

Welcome to!

Thank you for your introduction and so as to help you best, I created a new thread from your post on the Peru Forum so as to increase visibility and response on the latter.

Try to visit these websites so as to increase your chances to find a work over there so as to reach out to your love even quicker ;) … h-abroad-1

Kenjee Team

Hello Joe
I think you can get a job here as a teacher on institutes or universities , that is a  good  job here you need to apply on diferent institutes like : (american english)  , (british english), .  , ,  in both of these i know that teach abroad people. and also theses istitutions teach english at homes of the students with native speakers and .

Anyway here  have  a lot of academies of english I think you can get a  job in special in Lima but I dont know wich city you'll move , if you come  to Peru maybe you can teach me english I want to apply for TOEFL test.

Good luck in all your plans


Hi Joe,
If you still in Peru looking for a job as an English teacher let me know ASAP because I ppsted an ad offering a job.

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