Finding work in Trujillo

Finding work in Trujillo
Updated 2018-05-08 12:02

Located in the north of Peru, Trujillo is the third biggest city in the country. The capital city of La Libertad, Trujillo, once a colonial fishing town, is now one of the country's main economic centres. The city is powered by agriculture, construction, and tourism, providing many professional opportunities for expats considering relocating to Trujillo.

If you're looking to relocate to Peru, want a modern and dynamic city while avoiding the sprawling capital Lima, Trujillo could be a good choice if your qualifications and experience match the needs of the local economy. Read on for details of Trujillo's economy, labour market, and how to start searching for a job in the city.


The city's economy mainly relies on the following sectors: agriculture, construction, tourism, leather production, and trade. Agriculture has traditionally been an important industry for the city, and this continues today. The fertile land around the city, irrigated by the Moche river, produces sugarcane, asparagus, and rice. Peru is the world's leading exporter of asparagus, with most of it coming from the farms surrounding Trujillo. Much of the manufacturing industry is focused on agri-food, processing agricultural products for resale and export.

Thousands of tourists flock to Trujillo annually to visit nearby archaeological sites: Chan Chan, the largest adobe city of the ancient world, the Temples of the Sun and the Moon, and others. There are some jobs for those with a background in archaeology and history as there are several active digs in the area. The tourism industry is also a good job market for job seekers. Speaking English and other languages is a benefit if you're interested in working as a tour guide.

Due to the number of tourists visiting the city each year, Trujillo has developed rapidly over the years, both in terms of real estate and other infrastructure to service the influx of people. The construction industry is expanding with ongoing opportunities for engineers, contractors, and architects with the right experience.

Labour market

Trujillo's labour market is quite diverse, with many fields of foreign expertise. The key is to demonstrate qualifications and skills that are not available locally ' this is essential for a company to process work permits to hire foreign nationals.

In all cases, having a good command of Spanish will be a considerable advantage, as more likely than not, you will be expected to work alongside Peruvians and speak in Spanish. As Europe and the United States are Trujillo's main trade and business allies, knowledge of other languages such as English and French will not fail to enhance your application and resume/CV, and for certain positions could give you a real advantage.

Find a job

As Trujillo is a rapidly developing and modernizing city, finding a job there should not be a difficult task. The internet is a great tool and starting point for your job search. There are several specialized job websites and professional social networks to look into. Another tip is to contact the Chamber of Commerce of La Libertad for a list of companies operating across the city and to send out speculative enquiries with your resume/CV.

Networking is very important in Trujillo, and across Peru. Employers value personal recommendations, so you stand a better chance of finding a job in Trujillo by word-of-mouth. Take advantage of any contacts you have in the city. If you don't know anyone, seek out expat networking groups and social media forums. Engage with people, share your resume/CV and try to meet face to face. This will allow you build up a professional reputation in the local labour market, which in time could reap benefits with a recommendation or introduction to the right person.

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