How to become a digital nomad in Peru

Become a digital nomad in Peru
Updated 2017-10-10 13:19

South America is becoming an attractive environment for digital nomads. A growing start-up scene, new coworking spaces, vibrant culture and cosmopolitan cities make the region a convenient space to work from. Peru, situated on the western side of the continent, boasts wild landscapes, rich culture and festivals, flavourful Latin cooking, and a thriving nomad scene.

Why Peru

Peru lures travellers with an offer of a unique experience ' and this is what you will get. From the breathtaking landscapes of Andean peaks and Amazon forests to the pulsing beat of the capital of Lima, the country is a mix of a little bit of everything. For skillful digital nomads, it offers an inspiring space for getting creative as you can expect a surprise at every turn. There are coffee shops and temporary offices to work from, meet with fellow nomads, and attend interesting events.

Best cities to work from

Peru's capital and largest city is Lima. It's a modern city with islands of colonial architecture and lots to do and see. The city is the driest capital in the world (after Cairo) ' so be ready for some hot, windless days. Amidst the chaos of contemporary high-rises, Lima is a city with vibrant culture, museums, art galleries, and a nice selection of coworking places and cafes.

Arequipa is a city on Peru's southern coast and is hidden between three large volcanoes. The city is the second largest in Peru and one of its most important tourist hotspots. Though significantly smaller than Lima, the city offers no shortage of natural and historical attractions as well as amenities for working remotely.

The internet and coworking spaces

The average download speed in Lima is just above 6.0Mbps but you will find convenient Wi-Fi access in most coffee shops in big cities. The coworking community is young and growing, but there are not many established coworking spots in the country. However, in big cities, you are sure to find at least a few reliable office space options.

Coworking spaces in Lima

Lima Coworking, Calle Martir Olaya 129, cuadra 1 de Pardo - Miraflores

Residencia, Avenida Reducto 1518 Miraflores

Ascendio, Calles Las Palmeras 184, San Isidro

Leisure in Peru

Peru is famous for its natural attractions like the signature hilltop ruins of Machu Picchu, the terraces of Moray, Colca Canyon, Paracas National Reserve, and Manú National Park. The Inca complexes of Saksaywaman and Tambomachay are also popular tourist destinations.

What to know before arriving

Residents of 98 countries can travel to Peru for up to 183 days visa-free (visitors from the Schengen Area can stay in the country for 90 days within a 180-day period). Those who do need a visa to travel to Peru must apply in advance at an Embassy or Consulate in their home country.

Important: Roadblocks and protests may occasionally affect travel in Peru ' especially near the cities of Arequipa, Cusco, and Puno. It is also advised not to travel too far out of the tourist zones and remain vigilant in big cities after dark.

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Map of free Wi-Fi hotspots in Peru

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