Thinking about moving to peru

I currently live in the usa and married to a peruvian, im a british citizen and only a resident in the usa.

If we decided to make the big move there to peru, how hard is it to find work,
I was in the military since i left highschool and when i moved to the usa im working for the same telecommunications company since i got here, so my craft is installation and service of cable ,internet and phone, all thru the cable line so no dsl...

Would i be able to find similar work in peru as i do here, How is the tv companies there. Is the main companies satellite based or actual cable...

Im guessing getting the work papers would be easy as im already married, is there anything i could do here at the embassy like registration,

What kinds of belongings can i bring there and does electrical equipment like lcd tv work on the same power or need a converter for the power.

I go thru this forum a few times a month but dont really see the info im looking for...

Its a big step, just looking for a fresh challenge.

Still trying to learn my spanish dont really get much time due to work commitments..

Thanks for any help...

Hello weescotsman.

In meantime, maybe you can try to post an advert in the jobs in Peru section. It can be useful. :)

Thank you,

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