Working as a freelancer in Peru


A lot of expats dream of becoming self-employed: we would like to help you to make that dream come true.

Can foreigners work as self-employed in Peru? What are the formalities to work as a freelancer?

What are the pros and cons of this status: social security, tax system, etc.?

How is the freelance market in Peru?

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Well, living in Peru is not as easy as you think and starting legal is so hard.
First: Which is your career?
In Peru is complicated migrate, especially if you have little capital, because the money will in the process, stay and any additional nonsense. If you are a professional can be less complicated, but in so far as careers are low demand, your chances are reduced.
In Peru gives to live and to have some stability, living economically tight, but the important thing is can be calm and relative peace (eye, from the point of view of a Venezuelan, implying that have already gone through many restrictions and risks, so my demands and expectations drop considerably).
I explain: Unless you have Mercosur agreement (in which Venezuela does not fit), you have a tourist stay of up to 6 months a year, after that you must pay a fine of $ 1 a day.
I would not recommend coming to work illegally: If itself the legal work under range are exploiters and barely enough to live, I do not mean for illegals.
As for the legal situation: In order to work you need the famous Alien Registration Certificate. And there are only two ways to get it:
1) If you make an employment contract / eligible for visa as a dependent professional. very difficult an option, because nobody is willing to do because it involves having your documents a day and that the company pay its obligations as an employer (which is really silly because obviously must have all day, yourself / to do your immigration procedures that are very simple and could reach an agreement to pay those obligations yourself, but people get caught). This pathway is usually for highly specialized professionals or people with good contacts. Only the procedures involve about 200 $.
2) Opt for visa freelancer. Make the university revalidation involves paying almost $ 500 only with regard to university papers (it takes 3-6 months you step out the approval or not), considering that probably also have to take one or two additional cycles and colegiarte, depending on the race.
Additionally adds an average of $ 180 in room 100 $ on food and transportation $ 50, all per person per month.
The minimum wage is $ 285 and a professional can earn from 2 minimum wages. I like it

What is basic rule of thumb for Independent Professional visa? Is there any certain Profession? Like in Ecuador there is a list of universities whose graduate can be eligible for professional visa and there is no requirement for any certain profession but must be university graduate in the list.

what about Peru?

Like i am a designer by profession with 4 years degree in communication design.. will it work? i can validate my degree in any gov university who is teaching my profession?

Can i get some university whom i can in touch with?
do anyone on my behalf can validate or i have to go myself? I am not sure how long tourist visa i can get but if the process takes 2 to 3 months then what about visa expiring?

Professional degree validation (required for Visa as professional worker but not for dependant worker) : … y-titulos/ (University takes 3-6 months)

Visa as professional worker: … esidentes/ (Immigration process takes 2 months)

Check if your country has any convention, that makes the process soooooo much faster and easier because in other way is kind of hard, really

They need a lot of native speaking English teachers


As a frelancer also Tech  IS A GOOD MARKET, DIGITAL MARKETING, developpers.....
My clients are most of them.


Hello Ana. Nice to meet you! Could please provide me more information about how to get a freelancer visa. I´m planning to move to Lima, and I want to work there as a freelancer.

Hi. I´m afraid this visa is not avaible anymore. The Migration Office´s website has not updated its info, so here is the New Migration´s Law (valid since march 2017). You can find info about the visas here (in spanish): … JkbzA/view

Where are you from? My recommendation is to check this law and check the Peruvian Consulate´s website in order to find more info related to your case.

Alright, I understand. I´m from Venezuela. Thanks, if you any other info please just let me know

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