Finding work in Peru

I am considering moving to Peru and am in the telecommunications industry. Small business telephone systems. How difficult may it be for me to find employment in or near Lima, Peru?

Are you a Spanish speaker?  That would probably be helpful...

Most jobs here pay a lot less than in the States...and they work longer hours.  A lot of jobs have you working on Saturdays as well. 

The availability of jobs depends on your qualifications and how hard you are willing to look.  You might be able to find job opps online...but more likely you will have to look in the newspaper once you are here.

IŽm in the education field, so most of the ppl I know here are also teachers - IŽm not sure about the need of telecommunications here...IŽm sorry! :)

I understand aout the hours and the pay scale. I will have to see if I can get a paper sent to me to avoid a long pause between arrival and possible job opportunities. Do you like it in Peru and Is it as hot as I am being told?

I was never hot for one day during my year in Peru, but I never visited up north. I'd generally describe the climate as comfortable.

I don't know how valuable your experience is, but I found it very difficult in finding a corporate job in a multinational company. If you don't speak and write fluent Spanish, I'd assume you'll have a great degree of difficulty. But nothing's impossible.

Fortunately, any native English-speaker can make a living in Peru - and all of Latin America for that matter. If you bring a decent savings cushion, you'll be surprised how little you have to earn to get by for a long time until you can develop work more in line with what you're looking for.

I enjoy Peru...itŽs never boring here! 

Hot?  Depends where you are...I was just in Iquitos (which is on the Amazon River) and yes, it was very hot.  I heard it is warm year round in the north... however, in the mountains and in Lima, it is not hot all the time.  Lima is actually rather cool right now...It is warm here Nov through March (summer), I would say... and then cool April through Oct...  (winter)  :)

Thanks to all of you whom have responded. I am considering the move before the first of the year . Any other comments and or help is greatly appreciated.

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