Internships in Peru

Internships in Peru
Updated 2018-05-08 11:25

Peru's diversified and growing economy means there are many opportunities for foreign students and young graduates looking to acquire professional experiences through internship programmes.

Internship opportunities in Peru are available in many fields, including tourism, mining, services, import and export, trade, web-marketing, transport, telecommunications, renewable energies, engineering, construction, architecture, as well as the non-profit sector. Read on for information about what's available and how to apply for an internship in Peru.

Opportunities for internships in Peru

The country is an open door for those who wish to contribute actively to development and growth. Peru is one of Latin America's most stable economies, experiencing a real economic boom in the last few years. There are many international and national companies operating in Peru, with the labor market requiring foreign expertise to help keep them ahead of the curve. Much of the economic activity is centred around the service and extractive industries, along with tourism and other smaller sectors. You can read more about Peru's economy in the article Discover Peru.

An internship in Peru can help boost your employability, with skills gained from industry-leading companies. Experience working overseas in a multicultural environment and language skills acquired will also help set you apart from the competition, with a well-rounded resume.


You will undoubtedly need a visa to be allowed to participate in an internship programme in Peru. The type of visa will depend on your country of origin, the length of your internship, the company, and type of work you'll be doing. You can read more about visas in the article Visas for Peru. The company offering the internship should also be able to advise you and help with the process.

You will also be required to purchase international health insurance before travelling to Peru and it should cover you for the duration of your stay. This applies to all types of internships, whether these are paid or unpaid, or humanitarian missions, etc.

If your internship conditions are modified, you then have to be declared by your employer as a worker at the Immigration Department. The company will then assist you in applying for a resident work visa.

Finding an internship in Peru

Direct contact is almost always essential when it comes to searching for internship opportunities in Peru. You can submit an application in response to job adverts posted on specialized job and internship websites, but don't be afraid of submitting speculative enquiries, directly to the company.

Remember that finding an internship abroad is not always an easy task. You can always register with an internship or recruitment agency. This might help, although it involves more administrative procedures. There are companies that specialise in matching people with internship opportunities. Be wary of ones that charge hefty fees for non-paid internships, and think carefully about whether it will be a valuable experience for you and not just a money-making opportunity for them.

Finally, networking may help if you have friends or contacts already in Peru. Word-of-mouth is also very effective, so ask around, including on online forums, social media pages etc.

Knowledge of Spanish

In general, it's best to write your resume and cover letter in Spanish. However, foreign companies operating in Peru may also accept applications in English or French. It's best to check first, and if you're confident writing in Spanish, this will showcase your language skills. Already having an intermediate knowledge of Spanish will be a huge advantage, as you will often be expected to communicate with colleagues and work in Spanish. In fact, many internships will only be open to Spanish speakers, or those with at least intermediate Spanish level. However, don't be discouraged if you're not bilingual ' there are many international companies and schools operating in English. But some knowledge of Spanish and the drive to improve your knowledge once you are on the ground will be much appreciated, and useful for you and your career in the long run.

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