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Everything you need to know to work abroad
How important is workplace engagement for expats?
In today's global work world, being engaged at work is really important for success. For foreign professionals who have moved to a new country to work, workplace engagement takes on an even more significant role. Imagine stepping into a new job in a new place with different customs, language, and work methods. Training helps you understand your role better, learn about the company's culture, and become skilled at using the tools and systems specific to that workplace.
Ireland: A growing haven for international job seekers
As one of the world's most open economies, Ireland is becoming increasingly attractive to foreign workers. The island nation's assets include double-digit growth and hiring sectors. Let's look at what makes it one of the most attractive countries in Europe for building a career.
Unlocking Africa's investment potential: Opportunities ...
Africa, overall, is open to foreign investment. But what are the most prominent sectors? This question lies behind the new mega investment projects across the continent. Thanks to their natural resources, African countries are attractive to foreign investors. However, as we face climate change, investing in environmental-friendly projects is more crucial than ever.
Digital nomadism: The reality beyond dreams
Digital nomads are reshaping the world with their dream-like, flexible working style. You could think they are living life to the fullest, with plenty of time for vacations and leisure. However, practical realities tend to put the ideal of digital nomadism into perspective.
International mobility: Is the pandemic behind us?
After a challenging period during the health crisis, international mobility is back on track and even on the rise in many countries facing severe labor shortages. But does this mean that the Covid pandemic is now part of history? How are economies faring?
Armed forces around the world that enlist ...
Some countries' defense forces allow the recruitment of foreign nationals, generally under some conditions. These conditions can be permanent residency, citizenship in a limited number of allied countries, language proficiency and/or previous military experience. In many cases, military service provides a fast track to citizenship. 
Latest job offers abroad
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Trinidad and Tobago, Port-of-Spain
Added on 20/09/2023
a discutir
Trinidad and Tobago, Maraval
Added on 03/09/2023
250-300 a day
Added on 25/07/2023
Chile, Santiago
Added on 12/06/2023
Brazil, São Paulo
Added on 09/06/2023
Chile, Curacautín
Added on 24/05/2023
Minimum chilien
Maintenance Technician
Abbott laboratories
Permanent contract
Guyana, Georgetown
Added on 07/01/2023
Staff Nurse Assistant
Abbott Laboratories
Permanent contract
French Guiana, Cayenne
Added on 27/12/2022
Chile, La Pintana
Added on 18/11/2022
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