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Everything you need to know to work abroad
Expat parents: How to relaunch your career after ...
After spending several years dedicated to full-time parenting, the time has come to re-enter the workforce. How do you approach this transition and prepare to impress recruiters? Additionally, are there particular countries that facilitate the process of returning to work after a parental break?
How to prepare for life as a digital nomad
Life as a digital nomad sounds like a lot of fun and allows for a lot more freedom. Those who love to travel will especially be drawn to this lifestyle. However, it's important to remember that it's still considered work (not a vacation!). While it may seem that it's as easy as packing up and flying somewhere new, there's a lot more thought that needs to go into it. To successfully sustain life as a digital nomad, there are a couple of things to consider to ensure that you're fully prepared.
Countries with the best work benefits for expats
When you accept a new job offer abroad, it's not only the salary that matters; benefits matter, too. Relocation assistance, flexible/remote working provisions, healthcare coverage, paid time off, and childcare benefits – all of these can make a big difference in how easy it is to adjust to life as an expat worker. 
Working abroad? Don't forget these cultural issues!
When working in a new country, it is not only the more formal aspects of the job—such as the salary and work hours stated in the contract—that matter. Many informal, even largely unspoken, cultural norms shape the experience of working in a foreign country. What are some of these cultural aspects that you should try to be aware of?
Should you move abroad to make more money?
Your aim is straightforward: to work abroad and earn more money. You're not looking to relocate permanently but rather to return home with a fair amount of money. Achieving this goal involves considering various aspects. Here's a list of essential steps to ensure your project goes smoothly.
India: A land of challenges for expats despite ...
The G20 summit in September 2023 might not have resulted in significant announcements, but it provided India, as the host country and G20 president at the time, with an opportunity to showcase its prestige to the world. Foreign heads of state were welcomed with the red carpet treatment, even if it required hastily constructing new infrastructure to conceal slums. The goal was to lavish guests with hospitality to attract more business leaders and foster additional partnerships. Will this be enough to attract and retain foreign talent?
Latest job offers abroad
Community Manager
MIEO Colombia
Colombia, Medellin
Added on 09/04/2024
We need the services of a Concierge
Conrithia Hotel London
Permanent contract
Ecuador, Quito
Added on 02/04/2024
GBP 3500
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
Added on 26/03/2024
USD 15
Chile, Termas de Chillán
Added on 19/03/2024
Colombia, Medellin
Added on 07/02/2024
USD 1000
Guyana, Brasilia
Added on 23/01/2024
USD 4000
Colombia, Medellín
Added on 20/01/2024
USD 1000
Executive Assistant
Cloud Creations
Permanent contract
Peru, Lima
Added on 28/12/2023
USD 4000
Admin/Project Coordinator: Hotel Development
Renascent Hospitality
Fixed-term contract
Argentina, Salta
Added on 20/12/2023
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